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#RaiseTheBar Registration

You are one step closer to changing your life!
Check out all the extras and steps on how to submit your photos, then fill out the following registration form and get ready to #RaiseTheBar!

What You'll Get


I will customize your 2 diets based on all your needs! I truly care about your health and I do not want you to settle for less!


My full workout plan will get you right on track! This workout plan is hat you need to get your fitness and health right! Challenge yourself and just see the great results right before your eyes!


I will check in via email, videos, and social media! I want to connect with you and remind you that you got it in you! You have what it takes to #RaiseTheBar!

Proper Photo Submission


Above is an example of a proper photo submission. 2 different angles with a clear time and date!

  1. 2 Pictures and Angles Provided

  2. Clear Time and Date


We will follow up with you if we feel as if your submission is not valid!

Registration Form

Great to hear from you! I actually reply so keep an eye out for a response!

Connect with me on social as well!
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Have any questions or concerns regarding the challenge? Please, feel free to reach out!​
Oh, I actually reply too! :)
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